that picture of a girl's butt on the beach is not goals

Disclaimer: the following post is probably more of a rant than anything else. 

Something that bothered me the instant it arrived on the social media scene is the concept of "#goals" No matter what that God-forsaken phrase was attached to, it bothered me. Suddenly, a litany of ultra-mundane things became #goals and if it was #goals then that meant everyone wanted to be like it. People's relationships were "goals," people's bodies were "goals," people's lives in general were "goals." I hated it. 

The main issue for me was the fact that everything that people labeled as "goals" were 99.99% based off of what they saw in pictures or videos or any other secondhand internet content. Granted, a teeny tiny fraction of all these "goals" were slightly warranted. A McDonalds mcnuggets bouquet for Valentine's Day? Hell yeah, that's goals. But then it started getting a little ridiculous. It has gotten to the point where all it takes is a picture of a traditionally attractive couple standing next to each other to elicit the now-overused "omg goals!!!" comment. 

I'm not saying that it's wrong to have goals. That's not what I'm saying at all. But these kinds of "goals" are not goals at all. Goals are checkpoints. Goals are abstract ideas. Goals are ways to reach self-improvement. Goals are not people.

I can relate to seeing someone else's beach body and wanting yours to look like that, and I'm all for hitting the gym or switching up your diet to better your health or self-image. But here's the cold hard truth: you will never look like that person. Why? Because you're not that person. You can get a six-pack or fit into a smaller bikini, but the reality is that you will never look exactly like that "goals" person because you aren't them. So the question becomes why bother labeling someone else's life as "goals" if you will quite literally never be that person ever?

Somehow we've let the concept of a role model snowball into the radical idea that we should strive to live someone else's life. I have role models. I have people that I look up to that I would love to be like when I'm older or even right now. But I don't want to be exactly like them because that would just be boring. Being your own person is fun and exciting and is only ever disappointing if you start comparing yourself with someone who probably has their own stuff going on. When did living your own life become uncool or unsavory? The true "goals" is to live a life that makes you content whether anyone else likes it or not. Because it's not their life, it's yours.  

My challenge for you is this: make real goals instead of lusting after hashtag goals. 

Rant over.



Why this picture of me and Boyfriend™ applies to the above rant: Because relationships aren't always picture perfect or insta-worthy. And because we fight sometimes. And because not every moment is "#goals" and relationships are hard. And because despite all that, it's still worth it.