Since I managed to fail miserably at accomplishing this Twenty by Twenty nonsense in a timely manner, and I will no longer be twenty next month, I'm gonna start lumping these guys together. Also just gonna call it right now and say I will definitely not get to twenty by the time I'm twenty-one. To that end, something important I've learned about myself throughout this series is that I am not nearly as full of wisdom as I once thought. Who knew?

So, because I'm brave and courageous and all that, I have decided to tackle two of the scariest topics known to adolescence: trying new things and change. Because while, yes, horror movies about killer dolls are terrifying, there's a much smaller chance you will get mutilated by a ceramic colonial child at some point in your life than there is that you will experience some form of change or be forced to try something new. I'm being practical here. 

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