TWENTY BY TWENTY | 1. stop apologizing

I turned twenty a couple weeks ago, which is quite honestly still hard for me to grasp. I look like a thirteen year old, have the decision-making abilities of a 6 month old, and I burp like a forty year old man. If anyone wonders why or how I am constantly suffering an identity crisis, this is it. Nonetheless, I am twenty. Naturally my first thought as a now non-teenager was to share my bountiful wisdom with the online community. You know, because I'm so smart and worldly. 

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april fifteenth

Gather 'round, friends. It's story time.

April 15th, 2017 was my favorite day of freshman year. There was nothing extraordinarily spectacular about it and I'm not sure if anyone else would think it was a particularly memorable day, but I believe it is one of those days that will live on forever in my mind (and now, on this blog).

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that picture of a girl's butt on the beach is not goals

Something that bothered me the instant it arrived on the social media scene is the concept of "#goals" No matter what that God-forsaken phrase was attached to, it bothered me. Suddenly, a litany of ultra-mundane things became #goals and if it was #goals then that meant everyone wanted to be like it. People's relationships were "goals," people's bodies were "goals," people's lives in general were "goals." I hated it. 

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