west coast // best coast (video)

I'm just a girl, standing in front of the internet, asking it to forgive her. 

I've been AWOL for the last two weeks, and I'm pretty sure no one actually noticed or cared which is fine because I wouldn't either. But just on the off chance that any of you are particularly up in arms about my absence, I have returned with a vengeance. 

One of the reasons I was gone was because me and my good-looking family (plus a couple others) were road tripping up the west coast for two weeks. We packed up our 10-year-old mini van and headed north. There were no major snags, minus one of our tires exploding about six hours into the trip. It set us back a couple hours, but thanks to a roadside dance party, we kept our spirits high. 

Since I haven't provided those of you who check in on here (does anyone???) with any content for the last two weeks, I brought you something special. I took some videos throughout our trip and managed to smash some of it together for what I like to think is at least a semi-cool video. 

Just as a precaution: I shot on an old Nikon and an iPhone, edited on iMovie, and am in no way a professional in any of these areas. Judge accordingly. 

One more note: take a gander on over to the settings to put this guy in 1080p for dope quality and the best viewing experience possible. Okay now enjoy. 


song: stolen black cars (duncan fellows)

Thanks for humoring me, hope you didn't hate it. And hopefully I'll be getting back on a schedule. And have a rad week.